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Wisconsin’s emerging investors: Success through collaboration

In the first two installments of this series, we introduced four of Wisconsin’s newest venture funds and angel investor networks and their managers. These emerging investors see a bright future for venture capital and startups in Wisconsin, and they’re making that future a reality by collaborating with each other and educating more new investors.

“Wisconsin has a lot to offer. We have water, we have a great education system, we’ve got great transportation, our weather’s pretty nice,” says Mark

Fintech transplant Debtle finds fertile ground in Wisconsin

Stephanie and Houston Hoskins consider debt to be a four-letter word—and not just in the literal sense. It’s something that’s everywhere, and affects nearly everyone, yet nobody wants to talk about it. With their financial technology (fintech) startup, Debtle, they’re working to change that. Debtle offers a technology-based solution for individuals to negotiate and settle medical and other types of debt. And like more and more tech startups, they’re not doing it in Boston, Silicon Valley or even

Maine’s Legacy of Fine Craftsmanship

That’s the key, according to Stuart Kestenbaum, whether you’re building a lobster trap or crafting a poem.

The resilience of Maine’s coastal fishing communities and the state’s tradition of fine craftsmanship both depend on “people finding their own way and using ingenuity to figure things out.”

Although now known primarily for his poetry, Kestenbaum first came to Maine in the mid-1970s as a potter’s apprentice. Eventually he began working in arts administration, becoming the executive directo

Wisconsin entrepreneurs use benefit corporations to fuel social good

Anyone who’s attended a charity fundraiser knows it takes money to do good. And anyone who’s bought a box of Thin Mints knows that social entrepreneurship is nothing new. But many Wisconsin companies are part of a growing global movement working to redefine what it means to be a successful business and broaden the definition to include social responsibility.

That movement is making an impact. Earlier this year, the Business Roundtable reversed its stand on the principle of shareholder primacy i

Newance delivers advice on building resilient teams

Over the last few years while Newaukee has been working to build Milwaukee’s creative magnetism, its sister company Newance has been helping businesses put the talent attracted by that magnetism to work. Since the start of the pandemic, Newance co-founder and CEO Amanda Daering has spent much of the pandemic advising her clients on how to build and maintain resilient teams.

“For me, resiliency is less about perfection than it is about managing internal energy in response to external events,” sh

Wisconsin’s blockchain companies demonstrate this technology’s problem-solving potential

There’s something about Wisconsin that makes it fertile ground for tech startups using blockchain technology to solve concrete, real-world challenges.

For proof, just look at Wisconsin Inno’s 2018 “25 under 25” list. First and second on the list are the students behind Marquette University’s Blockchain Lab, Davis Marklin and Alec Shaw. Right behind them is Darek Urben, founder of the cryptocurrency portfolio management platform Coinigy—with cryptocurrency being one of the most common applicatio

Eau Claire SaaS firm helps the home care industry adapt to COVID-19

In the best of times, the home health care industry has a caregiver turnover rate of 80%. Eau Claire’s SMARTcare helps small home care agencies drastically reduce that turnover rate by facilitating communication among management, caregivers, patients and their families, as well as providing a full suite of management tools.

Back in January with COVID-19 on the horizon, SMARTcare began building a toolset to help home care agencies handle the crisis. The company is offering the cloud-based toolse

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When Every Day is Wild, Veterinarians Value Dependability

Veterinary care can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but for wildlife centers, the task can be Herculean. Small budgets mean they are often volunteer-run labors of love, much like dog or cat shelters. Unlike those shelters, wildlife rehabilitation requires volunteers who have experience caring for everything from pelicans to turtles to the occasional manatee, who aren’t used to being around people.

Wild animals do their best to hide weakness from potential predators, which means illness and injury end up being hidden from potential caretakers as well. This makes diagnostic capabilities crucial when caring for wildlife. Many wildlife refuges and rehabilitation centers choose MinXray’s portable DR and x-ray systems because they’re built to perform in challenging situations like these.