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Erin E Christman

Content Writer | Milwaukee, WI

My Experience

I am a marketing strategist and content writer based in Milwaukee, WI. I have over a decade of experience in the marketing industry, working with clients in industries from tourism to industrial manufacturing.

What I Write

  • Web and SEO copy
  • Blog posts & feature articles
  • Whitepapers, eBooks & case studies
  • Content & social media strategy
  • ... and more

Featured Content

When Every Day is Wild, Veterinarians Value Dependability

Veterinary care can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but for wildlife centers, the task can be Herculean. Small budgets mean they are often volunteer-run labors of love, much like dog or cat shelters. Unlike those shelters, wildlife rehabilitation requires volunteers who have experience caring for everything from pelicans to turtles to the occasional manatee, who aren’t used to being around people.

Wild animals do their best to hide weakness from potential predators, which means illness and injury end up being hidden from potential caretakers as well. This makes diagnostic capabilities crucial when caring for wildlife. Many wildlife refuges and rehabilitation centers choose MinXray’s portable DR and x-ray systems because they’re built to perform in challenging situations like these.

The Best of Both Worlds: Why A Wireless Network Alone Isn’t Always the Best Way to Go

First came the wired campus. Today, the goal is the mythical wireless campus. Institutions often assume wireless devices are the simplest and lowest cost method to achieve their network needs. But that’s not always the case.

Smart facilities and IT managers are realizing that the best way to future-proof networks and handle ever-increasing bandwidth needs is by deploying a wired network right alongside their wireless network. Offloading traffic onto a wired network can significantly improve wir

Fintech transplant Debtle finds fertile ground in Wisconsin

Stephanie and Houston Hoskins consider debt to be a four-letter word—and not just in the literal sense. It’s something that’s everywhere, and affects nearly everyone, yet nobody wants to talk about it. With their financial technology (fintech) startup, Debtle, they’re working to change that. Debtle offers a technology-based solution for individuals to negotiate and settle medical and other types of debt. And like more and more tech startups, they’re not doing it in Boston, Silicon Valley or even